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Writer's Block: Environmental Confession

'Fess up: What do you do that's bad for the environment?
Well, to be honest, I do a lot of things that are bad for the environment. I don't have a recycling bin, so I don't recycle my milk jugs, soda bottles, or anything laying around the house like that. At work we have spray that we use that is in an aerosol can. I'm not proud of it, but I use a lot of styrofoam...ya know, like takeout containers, plates, cups, and stuff like that.

Bad Service

Okay, so I found what I believe to be a community where a whole bunch of people are posting stories about bad service. Well, I have a story and wanted to post it but I don't think I'm allowed to post there so I'm just going to do it here.

I work for Little Caesars. Ya know-Pizza! Pizza!
So, yesterday this hispanic woman comes in and this is how the conversation went:
Me: Hi, can I help you.
Her: Yes, I want three pepsis.
Me: 20oz or 2 liter?
Her: P-E-P-S-I (this is her slowly saying pepsi)
Me: BIG or LITTLE? (i said this while pointing at the 20oz bottle and then the 2 liter bottles)
Her:-------(no words, only pointing at the 20oz bottles)

Ya know, this interaction with a customer wasn't too bad, it was more annoying than anything. What I hate most of all is people thinking that i'm stupid and incompetent. I hate to tell you, buddy, but I am neither one of those! I am a very comepetent person, and if I weren't working my way through college I'd be out of there in a heartbeat.

First Day Ever

Okay, so this is my first day on Live Journal. I'm not much for letting everyone know whats going on with me because I'm positive nobody cares, but it's just so important that I get to continue reading stories that were on FP that I have decided to break down and start an account. I pray super hard that this works and I get to continue reading all of the fabulous stories that I've been following on FP.




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